Aviation In Action (AIA) is an independent company that specialise in and tailor to provide a range of services across all aspects of the aviation industry.

The team has over 100 years combined experience in all forms of media. AIA's portfolio of publications and magazines are continually expanding. Titles include: Combat Aircraft, Air Forces Monthly, Aviation News, Heliweb and FlyMag to name just a few.

The AIA team consists of photographers and photojournalists, so whether it be military and defence, commercial, civil or warbird operators; the Aviation In Action team are well equipped to provide full coverage.

What AIA can offer?

  • Digital imagery
  • Photographic reporting
  • Written reviews and articles
  • Promotional material
  • Publication to media outlets


We offer to help showcase an organisation through a number of means. we are able to provide high quality imagery and written content to your own website or social media streams, through our own website and of course through media outlets such as magazines and online channels.

In addition to helping showcase organisations, we undertake comprehensive written reviews of military and defence establishments, airshows and events across Europe. A number of these reviews can be sampled on this website which are found on the reports and reviews tab. As a result of these reviews, the content may be submitted to media outlets for publication which will help gain a wider audience for whatever the subject in focus may be.


Merchandise and Trade Stand

In addition to photographic and written media, we also run an aviation trade stand that tours the UK airshow circuit and occasionally ventures to European events. We sell all things aviation from models to memorabilia, clothing and hats, prints/mugs/coasters/fridge magnets and much much more.

We have experience working closely with Air Force's, military demo teams, private operators and commercial companies to produce ranges of merchandise and promotional material. This is made possible through our commercial team who work throughout the year solely on this side of the organisation. Through this platform we have the ability to sell merchandise on your behalf, or alternatively we can manufacture and supply any items direct for use on your own trade stands at airshows and events across Europe.

Here are a few examples of prints, mugs, fridge magnets and coasters. For more information, please navigate to the AIA Store tab where you can view our current commercial projects and visit our online store where further examples of products are on sale:



Should you or your organisation have any requirement to use Aviation in Action, whether it be an organised shoot, a comprehensive review or any of the services offered above; please send us an enquiry via the contact tab where one of our team will be happy to entertain your proposals.