2017 Reports and Reviews


480th Fighter Squadron Flying Training Deployment - RAF Lakenheath, UK

July 2017 

Written by: Darren Willmin


USAF Tri-Bomber Deployment - RAF Fairford, UK

June 2017 

Written by: Aaron Paxton


Tactical Weapons Meet 2017 - Florennes Air Base, Belgium

June 2017 (Multi-National NATO Exercise)

Written by: Scott Wayne


NATO Tigermeet 2017 - BAN Landivisiau, France

June 2017 (Multi-National NATO Exercise)

Written by: Darren Willmin


Frisian Flag 2017 - Leeuwarden Air Base, The Netherlands

March/April 2017 (Multi-National NATO Exercise)

Written by: Andrew Timmerman



Hellenic RF-4E Retirement - Larissa Air Base, Greece

May 2017

Written by: Aaron Paxton